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Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Our skillful therapists can educate you on how to take control of your life, respond to challenging situations, and develop healthy coping skills, all while providing a safe and soothing environment in which you can release your tension and address the root of your stress.


The problems psychotherapy addresses are psychological in nature, but can have a variety of resolutions, as well as a variety of causes, triggers, and influences. Communication, experiential relationship building, and self-awareness are the bedrock of psychotherapy’s many different techniques, all of which help you to explore your feelings, thoughts, and behavior in order to identify patterns and learn to recognize their causes. You will become capable of identifying the root of your problems and resolving them, allowing you to function at a much higher level and maintain a stronger sense of well being. This can be achieved through any one of the types of therapy sessions we offer, which include: