Ambulatory Detoxification Program

Our Ambulatory Detoxification Program is an outpatient model for individuals requiring detoxification from drugs, with many of the benefits of inpatient detoxification but in a less restrictive, more cost-effective environment. This is the first step in a continuum of substance-abuse treatment that ultimately leads to recovery. Ambulatory Detox provides clients with an alternative to the clinical care received in an inpatient setting. Cooke Recovery Center recognizes that many individuals can safely complete the detox process at an outpatient level of care, and offers this program while our clients continue to live at home.

Our Board-Certified Addiction Psychiatrist, Certified Addiction Counselors, Mental Health Practitioners, and our experienced nursing staff closely monitor each patient throughout the day, ensuring a successful beginning to the recovery process.

We Offer Detoxification From the Following:

  • Heroin
  • Opiate Prescription Medication
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Crystal Meth

Our Ambulatory Detoxification Program is designed to meet several goals:

  • Provide detoxification services at optimal levels and in an environment appropriate for this category of client
  • Deliver services in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Meet federal and state requirements
  • A supervised detoxification process from an ASAM certified doctor
  • A safe and predictable withdrawal with reasonable comfort
  • Education about the disease process of addiction
  • Assessment by a counselor and a nurse with substance abuse expertise to determine the level of treatment that would be most beneficial for the patient after detox
  • A determination if there is psychiatric co-morbidity that would affect the course of treatment
  • Provide a continuum of substance-abuse treatments that ultimately leads to a full recovery