Professional Program

At Cooke Recovery Center, we specialize in a licensed professional program that caters to individuals that require complete confidentiality and trust due to their high profile executive careers. Our clinical staff has superior experience in treating licensed professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, certified public accountants, bankers, business owners, airline pilots, executives, CEOs, musicians, actors and actresses, and many more. Our staff understands the family dynamics, career stressors and long working hours that many individuals undergo within their profession.

Our clinical staff has superior experience in treating licensed professionals…

The Professionals’ Program at Ascension is unique in that it allows professionals to be evaluated and/or treated with their peers for emotional, psychiatric, and addiction recovery issues. Treatment is designed to improve interpersonal relationships, work performance, and overall functioning. The program provides opportunities for professionals to obtain treatment with fellow patients and staff members who understand the concerns they face.

Problems addressed in the Professionals’ Program

•    Depression
•    Alcoholism
•    Bipolar Disorder
•    Bereavement
•    Gender Issues
•    Stress Management
•    Burnout
•    Drug Dependence
•    Personality Disorders
•    Life Transition
•    Assertiveness
•    Marital/Family Issues
•    Licensure and Legal Issues

Treatment settings available in the Professionals’ Program

•    Intensive Outpatient Program
•    Partial Hospitalization Program
•    Referrals for Aftercare

Individuals interested in admission to the Professionals & Executives Program must be approved for admission by the Program Director.