Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Cooke Recovery Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a short-term highly structured treatment program designed to prevent decompensation and inpatient hospitalization. Cooke Recovery Center’s PHPs are prescribed for clients who require intensive care but have a reasonable probability of refraining from illicit use of substances. Our programs are often used as “step-down” programs for individuals leaving hospital or residential settings. The goal of our “step-down” approach is to stabilize clients by retaining them in treatment and providing more extended intensive outpatient monitoring of relapse potential and co-occurring disorders. Our programs may also be used as a brief “step-up” in treatment for an outpatient who has had a relapse but who does not require medical detoxification. Individuals who have entered into a high-risk period for relapse because of life circumstances or recurrence of a co-occurring medical and/or psychiatric symptom (e.g., depressed mood, increased pain) and for clients who are doing poorly despite intensive outpatient treatment.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program offers special tracks for mental health and addiction/dual diagnosis. Our treatment program is designed to continue gains and to prevent relapse and hospital admission. Participants receive individualized, goal-oriented psychotherapeutic and educational treatment to support their recovery efforts, whether from mental illness, addiction, or both.

The PHP treatment regimen includes:

•    Day & Evening Programs, 5 – 7 days per week, 6 hours per day
•    Supervised random drug/alcohol screens
•    Comprehensive family program provides education, support and multi–family therapy
•    Relapse prevention program to promote abstinence throughout the weekend
•    Psychiatric evaluations and follow-up sessions are provided, as needed

We’ve taken addiction and mental health treatment out of the hospital environment and moved it into a welcoming, private retreat where our clients feel right at home.

Through our harmonious blend of ancillary medical, psychiatric, complementary and alternative medicines (CAMS) we are able to treat the whole patient; not just the symptoms of their addiction or mental illness. The treatment components of our partial hospitalization program include a combination of individual and group therapy, vocational and educational counseling, family meetings, medically supervised use of adjunctive medications (e.g., opioid antagonists, antidepressants), random urine screening for substances of abuse, treatment for any co-occurring psychiatric disorders, yoga, massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, and meditation. In providing this wide array of services we are able offer our clients a personalized, clinically sophisticated, holistic treatment in the least restrictive environment.