Health and Wellness

The body’s health affects mental and emotional health far more than most people realize. Healthy eating habits reduce both physical and mental stresses on your body. Keeping your body in good shape, both through physical exercise or behavior and healthy nutritional habits, is the foundation for good mental health. And obtaining knowledge about your genetic proclivity toward certain disorders will help you cultivate a productive lifestyle to maintain your health and well-being.


In our restive setting, you’ll learn how to include physical health and nutrition guidance into your integrative health plan so that you’ll feel good inside and out. Our health and wellness services include:


  • Nutrition planning: Our certified nutritionists and dieticians offer medical and homeopathic advice on the best foods for you to eat, and on what foods to avoid or take sparingly, in order to lead a healthier, more productive lifestyle, or to attain a particular, health-related goal.


  • Genetic testing: A genetic test is a complex medical analysis of your chromosomes, genes and proteins to identify changes that indicate genetic conditions or disorders. Genetic tests are used to rule out or confirm suspected genetic disorders, and to assess the likelihood of your developing a genetic condition, or of passing it on to a biological child.


  • Wellness guidance: Wellness guides utilize a variety of professional educations and backgrounds to offer you, individually or in a group, support, guidance, motivational tools, and a personalized behavior plan to help you address your needs and foster a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. We offer you the knowledge and support necessary to help you determine your personal health and wellness goals and empower you to achieve them.
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