Meditation & Yoga

Meditation: Meditation is an effortless state of absolute peace brought about by neutralizing the mind’s stressful overactivity. Meditation does not reduce alertness or make you feel “out of it,” however; instead, it allows you to access a deep awareness of your thoughts and yourself.


Yoga: The ancient practice of yoga guides you through infinite variations of poses designed not only to stretch your body and improve circulation through breath control and body conditioning, but also to use meditation to improve focus and awareness of your body, relieve pain, improve posture, heal physical injuries, develop endurance, enhance strength, reduce depression, lose weight healthily, and generally rejuvenate the mind and body.


Yoga is the Sanskrit word for union, meaning the practice engages the body, mind, and spirit in a union to promote calm, focus, perspective, clarity, and a beneficial feeling of being centered or in tune with yourself.

Mixed Woman Doing Yoga Waist Up